Tactile Warning Labels
(Tactile Triangles)

In the EU, all chemicals and hazardous substances that are sold to the general public, that are labelled ‘toxic’ ‘very toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘harmful’, ‘highly flammable’ or ‘extremely flammable’ must, by law, have a tactile warning label to alert the blind, or partially sighted, that they are handling a dangerous product. This also applies to some aerosols and E-Cigarettes.



The requirements to include tactile warning labels as a part of packaging requirements are determined by either classification under a certain hazard class/category, or by certain substances at specified concentrations. (Details appear in the CLP Regulation, Annex II).

STOCK-XPRESS supplies tactile triangle labels on rolls, that can be added to the product itself or onto the relevant hazard label.

Our tactile triangle labels have an 18mm raised triangle (point to point) and comply to BS EN ISO 11683:1997 using permanent adhesive.