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Heavy Lift Pennants

Heavy Lift Pennants are used to indicate and identify heavy loads when items are being lifted by crane. If the load being lifted is 7 (seven) tonnes or over, it is considered to be 'HEAVY' and needs to be identified as such with a bright orange pennant or flag.  The pennant should be attached to the fifth leg or as close to the master link assembly of the lifting set prior to shipping.

We provide two types of Heavy Lift Pennant: 

• Our standard, single-use pennant has a convenient, strong self-adhesive strip and is ideal for one-off use.
• The reusable heavy lift pennant also has a strong self-adhesive strip, but comes pre-punched with a series of holes and three 12" cable-ties to enable the HL Pennant to be re-used again and again.

All Heavy Lift Pennants are printed both sides onto bright orange, durable, heavy duty 240 micron PVC.

See our Heavy Lift Pennant page for further information.

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