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ADR Panel / Kemler Plate Hibikit

Make up your own ADR Panels with our Do-It-Yourself ADR HibiKit. Use in conjunction with our Modular ADR Holders. All manufactured from compliant, self-adhesive, reflective material.

You may also need the appropriate placard for classification and specialist advice panel to be in full compliance - see our Vehicle Marking Chart for advice.

  • ADR Hazchem Hibikit

300mm x 400mm (Black)

Code: 928 / Library Card:

ADR Hibikit

Our ADR Hibikit consists of 10 blank, self-adhesive, ADR Panels (300x400mm) and 10 of each number 0-9 and 10 each of letters E,P,R,S,T,W,X,Y and Z (100mm high) required to make up your own ADR Panels.

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