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ADR Driver Training Kit

To assist with the training of ADR drivers, our comprehensive Driver Training Kit includes Warning Diamonds, Indication of Danger Labels, GHS Pictograms Hazchem Labels, Transport Documentation and a Guide to Labels.

  • Driver Training Kit

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ADR Driver Training Kit

<p>Pack includes: x3 Reflective Hazchem Labels, x3 Extended Hazchem labels, x3 Reflective ADR/Kemler Panel labels, x3 Reflective Compartment labels, x6 of each number and letter (100x120mm) for modular Hazchem/ADR panels, x1 copy of each warning diamond - classes 1 -9 (sizes 100/200/250mm) including EHS & LQ and placards with Blank and pre-printed UN boxes, x2 Vehicle Marking Chart posters (A2), x2 Placard posters (A3), x2 ADR-specific labelling posters, x2 IMDG-specific labelling posters, x2 IATA- specific labelling posters, x3 of each Handling & Shipping Labels. Also, x3 copies of Standard Shipping Notes, Dangerous Goods Notes and IATA Dangerous Goods Notes.</p>

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