Toxic Gas Labels
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Asbestos Labels

Asbestos is a very dangerous, carcinogenic material and, in the UK, all waste containing more than 0.1% asbestos is considered to be ‘hazardous waste’. Some asbestos products may be covered by ADR Special Provision 168, under CDG. If the asbestos waste is bound in a plastic or cement binder so that the harmful fibres aren't released during transport (ADR 3.3.1), then the waste is not classified as dangerous for transport, although the hazardous and special waste regulations still apply. All other asbestos waste, such as insulation materials and boards, is known as fibrous (or unbounded) and is classified as dangerous for carriage. These have to be properly packaged and labelled and will require a UN Class 9 hazard diamond. Asbestos waste and raw asbestos must be labelled with the 'Asbestos warning label'. This must be firmly stuck (or directly printed) onto the outer packaging.

See our Asbestos Warning Label page for further information.

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