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Hazard Warning Labels & Dangerous Goods Placards (Warning Diamonds)

Class 7 Placards. Radioactive Placard

The Class 7 Radioactive Placard is for use on vehicles loaded with packages that have the radioactive warning labels. The carrier must ensure that the 250mm placards are fixed on the rear and each side of the vehicle and that orange plates are fixed to the font and rear.

Large freight containers and tanks must be placarded on both sides and at each end. When a vehicle or container has been completely offloaded, all placards and plates must be removed or effectively covered.

We provide Radioactive Placards as single cut labels at 250x250mm.  All are fully compatibe with IATA/ ICAO, UN ADR/RID and IMDG/IMO requirements.

  • Radioactive Placards | Class 7 Warning Diamond Labels

250mm x 250mm (Black, Yellow 012c)

Code: mag / Library Card:

Class 7, Radioactive. 250x250mm. SINGLE CUT labels on MAGNETIC RUBBER

Minimum order quantity of 7 for items on magnetic rubber.

Qty 1+
Price Each (Exc. VAT)

Higher Quantities Price on Request

250mm x 250mm (Black, Yellow 012c, Red 032c)

Code: 4871 / Library Card:

Radioactive Placard. Class 7. 250x250mm. SINGLE CUT labels, SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

Single cut labels printed onto self-adhesive Polypropylene.

Qty 1+ 24+ 48+ 96+ 125+
Price Each (Exc. VAT)
£0.89 £0.79 £0.69 £0.59

Higher Quantities Price on Request

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