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Class 7 Labels. Radioactive Fissile Label

Class 7 Radioactive Fissile Labels. This label applies to packages that contain fissile materials. Fissile materials are composed of atoms that can be split by neutrons in a self- sustaining chain-reaction (criticality) to release enormous amounts of energy. Special controls are placed on fissile materials during transportation to ensure nuclear criticality safety.

The Criticality Safety Index (CSI) for each package should be noted on the label. The CSI is displayed on the label to assist the shipper in controlling how many packages can be grouped together on a conveyance. When applicable, the fissile label will appear adjacent to the radioactive material label

We provide Fissile labels at 101x101mm on rolls of 250.  All are fully compatibe with IATA/ ICAO, UN ADR/RID and IMDG/IMO requirements.

  • Class 7 Labels. Radioactive Fissile Labels

100mm x 100mm (Black)

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Radioactive Fissile Labels. Class 7. 100x100mm. DIE CUT labels.

Printed on self-adhesive, Gloss White Vinyl with peelable backing. 250 per roll.

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