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Class 7 Labels. Radioactive Label White-I

Class 7 Radioactive White - I: This label indicates that a minimal level of radiation is detectable outside the package.

Packaging groups are not used for radioactive substances, but there is a special system of sub-classification laid down by the International Atomic Energy Agency in their Regulations covering the transport of radioactive materials.

The red I / II / III / bars on the labels indicate the increasing radiation levels. More bars = more radiation

We provide Radioactive White-I labels at 101x101mm on rolls of 250. All are fully compatibe with IATA/ ICAO, UN ADR/RID and IMDG/IMO requirements.

  • Class 7 Labels. Radioactive Labels

100mm x 100mm (Black, Red 032c)

Code: 3449 / Library Card:

Radioactive Labels White-I. Class 7. 100x100mm. DIE CUT labels ON ROLLS.

Printed on self-adhesive, Gloss White Vinyl with peelable backing. 250 per roll.

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