Label Despatch positions

The most important points to consider are:-

  • Which way does the label feed off the roll?
  • Is the label wide or narrow edge leading – does the wide edge of the label come off the roll first or last?
  • Is the label inside or outside wound?
  • What position/direction is the image/text in, when the label comes off the roll?

Labels can be wound onto a roll in 8 different directions, 4 of those directions are outside wound (labels are produced on the outside of the roll) and 4 of them are inside wound (labels are produced on the inside of the roll). We can despatch your labels, on rolls, in any of these different positions.

It is essential to specify the correct direction and position so that your labels can be produced and applied correctly.

Please use the chart below to determine which position is most suitable for you.

Download Positions

label despatch positions