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 Find Export Documentation Online - 7th September 2015

Want to find export documentation online? Then by continuing to the Stock-Xpress website, you can see the variety of export documentation that Stock-Xpress have for their clients.

Transport documentation is necessary for providing instructions about your consignment to the carrier, receiving authority or forwarder. When you transport non-hazardous goods then you can generally use a Standard Shipping Note (SSN). Standard shipping notes are used to accompany deliveries of non-hazardous goods in transit. This gives port authorities clear instructions on how to handle your goods, which is undoubtedly important to you. The SSN can also be used for air freight. If your goods are hazardous then they must be accompanied by a Dangerous Goods Declaration. Stock-Xpress currently have a IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), which is the documentation required to ship dangerous goods by air, consignors are required to prepare a form certifying that the cargo has been packed, labelled and declared.

Stock-Xpress have a wide range of products to suit their customer's needs. These products include ADR warning labels, GHS labels & CLP labels, handling & shipping labels, Hazchem & vehicle marking, lasersheet labels, printer consumables, tactile labels, pipeline identification, posters and training kits, and silly stickers.

Manufactured from high quality materials and rigorously tested, Stock-Xpress always offer the highest level of products, meeting both customer’s needs and legislative standards.

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Buy Arrow Stickers Online - 24th August 2015

Handling and shipping markets rely on quick and short directions when handling, flying and shipping packages. It’s in the best interest of both the handler/deliverer and sender to clearly state whether a package should be handled in a specific way. If your package contains fragile product and materials then having arrow stickers and this way up arrows is extremely important to ensure that your products arrive in once piece. If you want to buy arrow stickers online, you can be sure to find the best range of this way up arrows with Stock-Xpress.

Having the correct and complete marking on packages increases the chances of preventing incorrect handling, accidents, and Customs fines. Without authentic, clear and concise packaging warning and handling labels, then you may be left disappointed with the outcome of how you receive or how the package looks when it is received by the recipient. This Way Up Arrows will always protect your packages.

This Way Up labels are perfect for when you need to keep your packages upright to help avoid contents breaking or falling out. Stock-Xpress’ arrow stickers are globally recognised and suitable for anyone who is sending a package that require certain handling. This Way Up Arrow labels are available in a variety of cuts and can be supplied as either black or red. Labels are supplied at a standard size of 74x105mm, but Stock-Xpress can also supply labels at 100x150mm. Give them a call on 0113 203 1942 for further details.


Buy Warning Labels Online - 10th August 2015

Want to buy warning labels online?

If you’re involved in an industry where you deal with hazardous chemicals, dangerous equipment or delivering fragile objects, then it is important for there to be the correct signs displayed to warn the public or to inform you of what you are dealing with.

Here at Stock-Xpress we supply a wide range of labels. With warning labels, label holders, driver training kits and export documentation to name a few, we are the company you need for all labels, marks and documentation for the transportation of dangerous goods.

With over 30 years of experience in the dangerous goods industry, we can deal with any product or enquiry that you have. Whether you want a small one-off orders to sizable or repeat orders then Stock-Xpress can help. No matter where you are located, we can deliver to you globally. You can always be sure that we can offer you an expert service with the reassurance that the labels you receive will always comply with the international legislation.

Our warning labels range include Class 8 Corrosive Labels, Class 2.2 Non-Flammable Gas Labels, Labels, Driver Training Kit, Class 2.3 Toxic Gas Labels, Class 5.1 Oxidizing Agent Labels and many more.
Visit our website not to view our range of warning labels online. 


This Way Up Labels are Important - 27th July 2015

This Way Up labels are extremely important with in the transport and delivery industry. Without any guidance or warning labels, how are the deliverers meant to know how to handle your package? This Way Up labels give them the information required. There’s no need to specify what is specifically in the package, but knowing whether the contents are heavy or easily damaged gives the items more of a chance making it to a location in one piece. This Way Up labels are mostly required for hazardous liquids being transported either by air, ground, or sea.

With a range of handling & shipping labels on Stock-Xpress, you can be sure to find the most suitable label to accompany your package. Stock-Xpress have keep dry labels, fragile labels, keep away from heat labels, live animals labels and overpack labels. Stock-Xpress’ label range is fully compliant with national and international legislation (ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG).

Not only do Stock-Xpress offer the best range of orientation labels, but they also have warning diamond, GHS Pictograms, Export Documentation, Tactile Warning Triangles and many more.
For more information on any sort of label, please do not hesitate to get in contact by calling Stock-Xpress on 0113 242 4272.


This Way Up Labels - 13th July 2015

Have you ever considered using This Way Up labels?

Protecting your package on transfer by air, ground or sea is vital and often difficult to prevent damage. You can store and protect your items in secure packaging that is completely sturdy, however if the handling and care of that package is not vigilant, then the lack of care can damage your items. This is why it is always important to let the handler know that the parcel contains fragile items.

You can only do so much in terms of safely packing your items, but there is more you can do to ensure that your package arrives in one piece. With This Way Up labels, you can let people know that the items within the packaging are damageable. It’s a great way to inform your handler, ensuring they don’t know what the item is and that they need to take great care when handling the package.
All of our handling and shipping labels are manufactured to the same high specification as our warning diamonds and comply with national and international legislation. Our arrow labels are cut to different sizes, we have a standard size of label, measuring 74x105mm; but we would be more than happy to supply labels at 100x150mm.

Call us today on 0113 203 1942 for further details about our This Way Up arrow labels. 


Labels For Warnings - 15th June 2015

Are you looking for a range of warning labels?

Labelling hazardous substances can be a bit of a minefield. Do you have the right size label with the correct technical content? Are your products classified to the latest GHS regulations?  With Stock-Xpress, you can be sure that you will be provided with the best quality labels, complying with the latest national and global legislation, whatever your needs. 

Stock-Xpress has over thirty years of experience within the dangerous goods industry and the products they offer range from warning diamond labels, GHS/CLP laser sheet labels, export documentation, vehicle marking and handling and shipping labels. 

Their products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are rigorously tested. As market leaders, Stock-Xpress should be your first port of call for labels, marks and documentation for the supply and transportation of chemicals and hazardous substances.

For further information, continue to the website now. 


Dangerous Goods Notes - 1st June 2015

For the best Dangerous Goods Notes, look no further than Stock-Xpress.

Stock-Xpress are the company you need for any kind of Dangerous Good Notes, Labels, Marks, and Documentation for the transportation of Dangerous Good.
The advantage to using Stock-Xpress is that they are extremely experienced within the Dangerous Goods industry, which means that any enquiries, question and products you require, then Stock-Xpress will be able to help you. Stock-Xpress’ services range from small one-off orders to sizable or repeat orders. They deliver globally which means that wherever you are located, you can be sure to receive the most up to date and appropriate Dangerous Goods products; with the guarantee that their labelling solutions will comply with international legislation.

Stock-Xpress offer a wide range of products including, Warning Diamonds and Placards, GHS Pictograms, Handling and Shipping, Export Documentation, Hazchem / Vehicle Marking, Lasersheet Labels, Printer Consumables, Tactile Warning Triangles, Pipeline Identifications, Posters and Traning Kits and Silly Stickers.
For further Information just continue to the Stock-Xpress website now.

If you are after bespoke solution, printers or software, then head over to their Hibiscus site for more information.


Where to Buy Laser Sheet Labels - 18th May 2015

Are you looking to buy laser sheet labels for your business? Then take a closer look at Stock-Xpress. This established company has been plying its trade for several years and has become the first port of call for organisations of all sizes that require quality A4 laser sheet labels. These labels can be used with the majority of A4 laser printers and are sheets are compatible with the company's Hibiscus software packages. When you're looking to print information on to your labels quickly and effectively, you can rest assured that Stock-Xpress can cater to your needs.    

Highly Competitive Prices

Stock-Xpress strives to ensure that its prices are amongst the most competitive on the market. Therefore, you can rest assured that you'll never pay over the odds when you purchase laser sheet labels or any other products via the website. The company will even supply free samples of lasersheet and overlaminate patches (for extra durability). Simply call 0113 203 1942 to get your free sample or to discuss your labelling requirements with one of the experienced team. Alternatively, head to the website to find out more about Stock-Xpress or to browse its vast product range.  


Buy Laser Sheet Labels - 6th April 2015

If you’re looking for top-class laser sheet labels, take a look at Stock-Xpress. We offer a vast selection of polyethelene and paper labels in BLANK and GHS formats. Our labels are available as 1-to-view, 2-to-view, 4-to-view, 8 to-view and 16 to-view and are printed on on A4 sheets. Our sheet labels are suitable for use with virtually any A4 laser printer, with all sheets being perfectly compatible with our Hibiscus software packages. This means printing your own information onto the labels is cost-effective and straightforward.

Helping You Stay Safe and Comply With Regulations

Our polyethelene labels are supplied in packs of 125 sheets. They are chemical and water-resistant and approved to BS5609 Part 2. Our paper labels come in packs of 250 sheets or boxes of 500 sheets. They offer a cost-effective method of printing address and product labels that don’t need to comply with BS5609. You can get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions about our laser sheet labels. We have been working in the dangerous goods industry for three decades and leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety. To learn more, simply head to the home page

Chemical & Hazardous Goods Labels - 23rd March 2015

Look no further than Stock-Xpress if you require top-class ADR/CLP labels, laser sheets and vehicle marking. Our team can even offer handling & shipping labels, placard holders and documentation for the transportation of dangerous substances. We are passionate about safety and compliance and can supply you with the quality products that you require along with an unrivalled level of customer service. So, if you’re looking for a solution to labelling or transporting hazardous goods, why not get in touch with our team or browse the website today? 

Labels That Comply With the Latest Legislation

Stock-Xpress’ labels play an important role in alerting people to the potential hazards of dangerous substances. All of our products are made from rigorously tested, quality materials. Our labels come in a range of different cuts and sizes and are manufactured using heavy-duty polypropylene and BS5609-approved permanent adhesive. Our experienced team have been working in the dangerous goods sector for over three decades and always ensure that our products meet the very latest national and global legislation.  

Head to our home page to find out more. 

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