Hazchem DIY Hibikit

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Make up your own reflective Hazchem Panels with our Do-It-Yourself HibiKit.

Use in conjunction with our Modular Hazchem Panel base plates and holders.

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Our Hazchem ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Hibikit includes a number of blank Modular Hazchem Labels, individual numbers and letters and warning diamonds to be used in conjunction with Hazchem metal plates and panel holders. All are manufactured from high quality materials for durability and compliant purposes.


The Kit contains: x10 (400 x 700mm) Self-adhesive, reflective modular Hazchem labels, x10 (200 x 200mm) Warning Diamonds, x70 (100mm high) Individual Numbers and Letters, & x110 (30mm High) Individual Numbers for Specialist Advice Panel. YOU MAY ALSO NEED TO PURCHASE THE 400X700MM METAL PANELS IF THESE ARE TO BE USED WITH HOLDERS.