Handling & Shipping Labels

Handling and shipping labels and marks are an indispensable component of any package. Correct and complete marking of packages helps to prevent incorrect handling, accidents, and customs fines – If the marking is at variance with the details on the shipping documents, objections may be raised by the customs authorities.



Handling & Shipping marks help to ensure that greater care is taken with cargo handling and it must be possible to tell whether the package is sensitive to heat or moisture, whether it is at risk of breakage, where the top and bottom are, where the centre of gravity is located and where loading tackle may be slung.

Marking must be clear and precise. Its colour should stand out clearly from that of the package and care must be taken to ensure that marking is applied in a legible and durable manner.

Our label range is fully compliant with national and international legislation (ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG).