This Way Up Label (Orientation Arrows)

£3.30£11.99 Exc. Tax

Standard size 74x105mm

Printed on Waterproof Gloss White Vinyl

BS5609 approved permanent adhesive

Sold as 250 labels per roll or 100 singles

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£11.99 Exc. Tax
£11.99 Exc. Tax
£3.30 Exc. Tax
£3.30 Exc. Tax


This Way Up Label – Protect your packages by using proper handling and shipping instruction labels. This Way Up labels are perfect for when you need to keep your packages upright to help avoid contents breaking or falling out. These waterproof package orientation labels are internationally recognised and get your handling instructions across to make certain your packages are handled and stored safely.

Available in a variety of cuts and can be supplied as either black or red. Standard size: 74x105mm, but we can also supply labels at 100x150mm – Call us on 0113 203 1942.