Elevated Temperature Label (300mm Sides making a 250mm Triangle)

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300mm Sides – making a 250mm Triangle

Printed onto Waterproof Gloss White Vinyl

BS5609 approved permanent adhesive

Price per label.

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Elevated Temperature Label: Many materials, such as molten aluminium, molten glass, and asphalt are transported as a molten liquids to improve the ease of handling, loading, and unloading. Many other solids and viscous liquids are also heated for the same reason and are shipped at elevated temperatures. An elevated temperature is defined as at least 100ºC for liquids or 240ºC for solids.

Cargo transport units which contain these elevated temperature substances must be marked as per the IMDG Code The shipper must properly mark the cargo transport unit with an elevated temperature symbol before offering it to the carrier. These elevated temperature symbosl shows a diagram of a thermometer within a triangle – red in colour, and each line that forms the red triangle is 300 mm in length (giving a 250mm Triangle).

The Elevated Temperature label must be displayed on each side and each end of the cargo transport unit.  The shipper must mark the cargo transport unit with the maximum temperature that the substance is anticipated to reach during transit. This maximum temperature mark, must be at least 100 mm high.