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Explosive Warning Diamond 1.4D

In accordance with regulations, the ‘Explosive’ diamond indicates that the substance is explosive and dangerous to its surroundings and must be handled with care. Available in a range of sizes and formats for easy handling. This Warning Diamond denotes a hazard division of 1.4 "No significant hazard" in this category, this is reserved for e.g. shotgun cartridges, fireworks and small arms ammunition e.t.c. The Compatibility Group here is D for, "secondary detonating explosive substance or black powder or article containing a secondary detonating explosive substance, in each case without means of initiation and without a propelling charge or article containing a primary explosive substance and containing two or more effective protective features." (IATA, Dangerous Goods Regulations, Table 3.1.A, Compatability Group for Explosives (3.1.4).)

This label is available in all 6 Hazard Divisions and all 13 Compatibility Groups. Printed on Gloss White Vinyl with a BS:5609 complaint adhesive. Price per label.

  • Explosive label Warning Diamond class 1.4D placard

100mm x 100mm (Black, Orange 151c)

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Explosive Labels 1.4D

Printed on self-adhesive, Gloss White Vinyl with a BS:5609 complaint adhesive.

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