HSG71 – Warehouse Chemical Segregation Chart Poster

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HSG71 – Chemical Warehousing Segregation Chart Poster –  General recommendations for the separation, segregation and storage of different classes of packed dangerous substances. Warehousing chemicals and hazard substances is often seen as a comparatively low risk activity compared with chemical manufacture, but related incidents and accidents can be very expensive and attract much adverse publicity – and yet many of their causes can be readily avoidable.

If you store a large range of multi-hazard stock, it is wise to assess each substance and store it accordingly. This Segregation Chart is an invaluable aid which gives recommendations for the segregation of dangerous substances according to their hazard classification. It uses the classification system described within the Carriage Regulations which is a globally recognised system, relatively simple to operate and well understood by industry. It uses nine classes and where a material has more than one classification there is an agreed hierarchy to determine the most appropriate classification.

The table does not include information for Class 1 (explosives), Class 6.2 (infectious substances) or Class 7 (radioactive substances).

You should always consult the Safety Data Sheets and other available sources for reactivity data to determine whether it is safe to store them together. This particularly applies to many corrosive substances in Class 8, which may react together to produce heat or toxic gasses.

A copy of the full version of the HSE’s HSG71 Chemical Warehousing booklet can be downloaded, free of charge from: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/hsg71.htm

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