ADR Driver Training Kit

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To assist with the training of ADR drivers, our comprehensive Driver Training Kit includes Warning Diamonds, Indication of Danger Labels, GHS Pictograms Hazchem Labels, Transport Documentation and a Guide to Labels.

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ADR Driver Training Kit includes: x3 Reflective Hazchem Labels, x3 Extended Hazchem labels, x3 Reflective ADR/Kemler Panel labels, x3 Reflective Compartment labels, x6 of each number and letter (100x120mm) for modular Hazchem/ADR panels, x1 copy of each warning diamond – classes 1 -9 (sizes 100/200/250mm) including EHS & LQ and placards with Blank and pre-printed UN boxes, x2 Vehicle Marking Chart posters (A2), x2 Placard posters (A3), x3 of each Handling & Shipping Label. Also, x3 copies of Standard Shipping Notes, Dangerous Goods Notes and IATA Dangerous Goods Notes.