Dangerous Goods Notes & Shipping Forms

As a licensed supplier of documentation for use in the transportation of dangerous goods, we stock a full range of Dangerous Goods Notes, Standard Shipping Notes and IATA Shippers Declaration documents.



Transport documentation is necessary for providing instructions about your consignment to the carrier, receiving authority or forwarder. When you transport non-hazardous goods, you generally use a Standard Shipping Note (SSN). This gives port authorities clear instructions on how to handle your goods. The SSN can also be used for air freight. If your goods are hazardous, they must be accompanied by a Dangerous Goods Note (or Dangerous Goods Declaration form).

Dangerous Goods Notes and Standard Shipping Notes can be supplied as SINGLE SHEETS for use in laser printers, or FOUR PART TIPPED carbonated sets for manual completion. We also supply copies suitable for sprocket fed printers. Call us on 0113 203 1942 if you need more information.