Class 2.1 Flammable Gas Placard

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£1.09 Exc. Tax
£7.69 Exc. Tax


Class 2 is divided into three divisions: Flammable gases (2.1), Non-flammable, non toxic gases (2.2) and Toxic Gases (2.3).


Flammable Gas diamonds are used for substances such as butane, propane and acetylene.


Classification for Class 2 is mainly based on their physical characteristics, though toxicity testing may be required for goods in Division 2.3


We provide Flammable Gas labels at 50mm and 100mm on rolls of 250, and as single cut labels at 200mm and 250mm sizes.  All are fully compatibe with IATA/ ICAO, UN ADR/RID and IMDG/IMO requirements.