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ADR Panel / Kemler Plate Hibikit

Make up your own reflective ADR Panels with our Do-It-Yourself ADR HibiKit. Use in conjunction with our METAL BASE PLATES and Modular ADR Holders.

See our Hibikit Application Guide for tips on the easiest way to apply.

You may also need the appropriate placard for classification and specialist advice panel to be in full compliance - see our Vehicle Marking Chart for advice.

  • ADR Hazchem Hibikit

300mm x 400mm (Black)

Code: 928 / Library Card:

ADR Hibikit

Our ADR Hibikit consists of 10 blank, self-adhesive, ADR Panels (300x400mm) and 10 of each number 0-9 and 10 each of letters E,P,R,S,T,W,X,Y and Z (100mm high) required to make up your own ADR Panels.

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