Toxic Gas Labels
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From chemical labels, hazardous goods labels, ADR warning labels, label holders and driver training kits to export documentation -  as market leaders, Stock-Xpress is your one-stop shop for the labels, marks and documentation for the transportation of dangerous goods.

From small orders, to large - we deliver globally, with the reassurance that our labelling solutions will comply with international legislation.

From working in the dangerous goods industry for over 30 years, we understand how labelling legislation changes frequently, so we ensure that all of our products meet both national and global regulations.

Manufactured from high quality materials and rigorously tested, we pride ourselves on all of our products meeting both customer’s needs and legislative standards.

If you are looking for a bespoke solution for chemical labels, printers or software then head over to our Hibiscus site for more information.


Our Small Order bureau service provides a convenient and economic overprinting service for small quantities of compliant hazardous goods labels.

We can produce various types and quantities - all usually produced within a 24 hour turnaround

• Labels compliant with GHS legislation (in up to 12 languages). • Compartment labels (IMDG). • Overprinting (part and pre-printed) using customers own style labels and blanks. • Consecutive numbered labels. • Conveyance Labelling. • Batch labels. • Barcode labels in most common formats e.g. EAN128, Code 2 of 9. • Product/Pallet/Drum marking.

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